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    What is Operation Underground Railroad?


    Do Your Crap Podcast

    In this episode, I interview my Dad, Jon Lines, who is Chief of Operations for Operation Underground Railroad. 

     Operation Underground Railroad is a nonprofit organization with a mission to go out into the world and save children from sex trafficking. 

     We talk about his experience and role in the nonprofit organization, the realities of human trafficking, and how to protect your children and keep them safe. 

     Listen to the end for information on how to get involved! This is something so many people don’t know enough about and I need your help to spread the word!

     Show Notes:


    Micah: How did you get involved with OUR Organization?

     Jonathan Lines: 25 Years ago when I graduated from college I was going to go to law school, but got sidetracked and got a job with the US Government with the immigration facilities as a special agent. And then I worked as a special agent of justice with the inspector general’s office where I did internal affairs, and I invested in criminal activity with FBI agents bureau prisons, immigration, and customs, well that gave me a great background of criminal justice and ethics. Although there are great cops out there and I support the good police and many incredible men and women I have met, I go after the very few bad cops out there. We work on investigating child exploitation, child pornography, and human trafficking.


    We were basically investigating Americans who were going over to Latin America to have sex with children, and there are laws against that even though they are going over to another country. We would work with foreign counterparts and we would go into these brothels and we would arrest these people and save these children. 


    Operation Underground Railroad is a nonprofit organization with a mission to go out into the world and save children from sex trafficking. There are three major industries of illegal trafficking. One is narcotics trafficking, one is illicit trafficking, and there’s human trafficking. Human trafficking is soon to take over the number 1 stop ahead of drugs and illicit trafficking. It’s about 20 million they estimate that are people who are involved in sex trafficking, that are the victims and they estimate that there are 2 million that are children. 

     29:41: IN THE US 

    We are now enforcing the law under the United States with human trafficking since I joined the team in the OUR. 


    Love them. Children are always looking for some type of security and love 

    Know who your children are communicating with online! If you’re not doing this, you’re being irresponsible. Say “I trust you, but there are too many terrible people that I don’t trust.” Tell them evil people do exist.

    Don’t judge your children if they come to you with something bad online. If they come to you with pictures – be understanding. 

    You can’t be too nosy.


    We work with law enforcement and put bad guys behind jail. We work with children and get them therapy, counseling, the love, the nurturing to heal. We have many rehabilitative services. We want these kids to grow up, and be normal. Other than getting online and contributing money. 

     Our administrative expenses are 14%. That means 14% just goes to advertising, marketing, an office to run the day to day, accounting and auditing. 86% goes right to saving children, and that’s exciting. We have an abolitionist club of people donating $5 per month. 

     We have an army of 14,000 volunteers with skill sets, volunteer therapists, and provide training to police officers to help with their methods and techniques. We need chapter leaders, if you wanna do a fundraiser, whatever you feel like you want to do to be involved in this engagement, I will promise you that money will be well spent as I am chief of operations. 

     Check out for more information!

     ADDED on July 22, 2020: 

     With your help, we can RISE UP and GET LOUD for children who don’t have a voice. There may be no greater cause that will bring us closer together than fighting to end modern-day slavery.

     Join the 10 Day Challenge that starts July 29th here: 


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