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Transform Your Life in Power Packets


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I talk about how you can take advantage of the power pockets for parenthood, healthy living, personal development, and business in order to transform your life. Whether it is preparing veggies for the week or taking intentional actions in your business – power pockets will be a game changing addition to your day-to-day life that will make you feel more accomplished, fulfilled, and empowered! 

Show Notes: 

3:07 Think Big, Act Small

People get stuck in the constant state of thinking TOO big and not acting SMALL enough. Think big, act small.

For years I’ve been implementing the art of intentional living – what I call Power Pockets. This is when you find pockets in your day to take intentional action! We’re in the holiday season and this is when it becomes easier to drop the ball and only focus on what’s directly in front of you. Then, the new year arrives and you feel like you’re back at square one (with nothing changed). If you implement power pockets every single day, you’ll start to feel so much better. You NEED to be making progress every day and making daily wins. We thrive off of progress!

6:00 Power Pockets For Moms 

In between doing laundry and cleaning, do you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you didn’t spend any quality time with your kids? It’s easy to let the chores take you away from what is most important to you. Finding pockets of time to spend time with your kids is key! Sit down and read a book with your child, talk on the car ride, or go for a walk and see how much these small moments really add up!

11:05 Power Pockets For Healthy Living

It can take 10 minutes to prep your fruits and veggies for the week! Or maybe it’s having space in the morning or nighttime for a 10-minute meditation. 

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14:28 Power Pockets For Personal Development

I am preaching to the choir because you’re fitting in your personal development by listening to this podcast! Perhaps it’s in the shower, doing your makeup, or while doing laundry instead of just listening to music. Spending at least 10 minutes with your personal development will transform your life. 

16:27 Power Pockets For Business

Life will NEVER slow down! We are in a time when things are happening at a fast pace. If something is important to you, it better be one of your top priorities. When I decided to make my health and wellness business a top priority during the pockets of my day, it grew in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. Intention in your priorities makes all the difference. 

20:13 Look at Your Days and Shift Seasonally

Your days will shift seasonally. You will be able to find pockets of time in different ways and during different seasons of life. 

 Ask Yourself: Is this moving my life forward or is it not?

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