Do Your Crap Podcast

Grace & Intention Through Different Seasons of Life


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I talk about my own personal experiences with new seasons of life and how I’ve learned to become more aware and intentional during these changing times by giving myself grace.

Show Notes: 

00:50 New Seasons of Life

As I go through another pregnancy, things are changing and I’m getting a lot of questions! In addition, it’s the season of the year where kids are going back to school and shifting.

4:40 Show Up as Your BEST (Shifting)

How can you show up as your best and continue to  work towards your goals every single day – no matter what the season is?

Let certain things go and put more time and energy into certain areas! During my first trimester, I had to make a shift. I had to show up differently to get through this stage of life – this included waking up a few hours later than my normal morning routine.

11:30 Make The Best Choices You Can at Every Stage

I knew that sticking to my habits would make me feel better during the early stages of my pregnancy – however, I also knew that I had to make some shifts.

If you can’t keep up with your expectations – allow yourself to sit down and recenter. It’s OKAY to make changes and shift your routines. 

14:55 Do What You Love and Delegate The Rest

Do the things that are important to you, but don’t do the things that aren’t. Let go of the things that you don’t need yourself to do. Go find somebody else to do it!

16:13 What To Do Now

It’s time to reassess! Don’t allow yourself to continue coasting. If you’re in a new season of life, let yourself course correct and find harmony.

It takes time in the beginning but before long it becomes effortless.

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