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Protecting Your Energy with Kyle Sullivan


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I chat with business and mindset coach, Kyle Sullivan, about managing and protecting our energy, believing in ourselves to achieve our goals, and understanding the impacts of self-sabotage. This episode will help you make the commitment to center your mind on what is possible and take the steps necessary to achieve that vision!

Show Notes:

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1:25 External Forces Controlling Our Behaviors

This year certainly doesn’t look like we thought, so how do we NOT let outside crap control our thoughts and behaviors? 

Kyle: Before launching my own business, this was something we walked through regularly while in ministry, and it was easy to take on the weight of others. You need to ask yourself “what am I looking for?” It’s not that you should be unaware, but don’t let the opinions of others dictate how you feel.

When we sit in the mess of everything going on, it’s just a matter of time before our mindsets get messy. So much anxiety and stress comes because we let ourselves freak out over things that we can not control. 

“Unusual times bring about unusual solutions.”

9:08 Getting Excited About Your Goals and Dreams Again

What do you say to somebody who stepped back from their passion and goals?

Kyle: Take it one day at a time. Find the small wins that you can make today! If energy creates momentum and momentum solves problems, where can you put energy into today? When we feel stuck we act like we’re in quicksand and when you move slowly in quicksand, you can get out. But if you move frantically, you end up deeper in the sand.

We generate our wins and it can literally be as little as a baby step that will give you a hit of positive energy. Winning is NOT the end goal!

Kyle: People often forget about the process of getting to the goal. The gift is in the grind, not in the finished product.

How do you keep from spiraling out of control?

Kyle: Don’t put your identity into just your goals. If you know that the right behaviour over time will yield results, that is what you should put your focus on.

16:00 You’re NOT Just Successful On The Days You Get a “YES”

Kyle: It’s a blessing when you get a “no”, because if you wouldn’t want to hang out with them at Summit, don’t send them an invite. I am not my bank account, my client list, etc. When my mindset shifts towards that – my thoughts of “not being good enough” kicks in.

Book Recommendation: Take The Stairs 

Kyle: Give yourself some grace! Some days you are just not on. Reach out to your community of people who hold you accountable and tell them you’re not having a great day so you don’t internalize and suppress it. 

20:40 Self Sabotage

I never fully understood self sabotage until I started working with a ton of women on their health journey. Why do we do it and what would you say to somebody struggling on this pattern?

Kyle: I think self-sabotage is a natural part of growth. When we get to a place that we have never been before, we will go back to a set place in our mind. New levels, new devils. When we have conviction, self sabotage becomes less of an enemy.

27:45 Where Our Mind Goes, Our Life Goes

Kyle: Where our mind goes, our life goes – period. If you’re listening to this today and you can make a commitment to just center your mind on what is possible and take the step necessary, imagine how the world would be changed. 

29:28 Be Good Managers and Owners Of Your Energy

Kyle: Put focus on your energy. If you are pushing the daily limit of energy – you probably need an energy check. If you’re constantly having to do something to enhance your energy, be aware of this.

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