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New Year, New Vision: The Missing Link to Your Success with Brad Bizjack


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New year, new vision, new goals, and new purpose! This week, I’m bringing back Brad Bizjack to dive deep into vision. If you’re somebody who finds themselves afraid to dream big, or perhaps can’t get past the safe zone and limiting beliefs you’ve been living inside – this episode is for you. Brad will teach you how to focus on long-term fulfillment and pleasure, re-open the imagination you had as a child, and master the vision you’re setting in 2021. It’s a new year, so let’s create a new vision! 

Show Notes: 

3:45 Why People Are Afraid of Dreaming Big & Setting Goals

Have you ever been afraid to set goals or focus on your dreams and ambitions? Why is that some people say “I don’t want to set a big dream” or “I’m happy the way things are”? This doesn’t mean you’re happy where you are, it means you’re comfortable. Our brains like to stay safe, but fulfillment comes from growth.

8:00 The Safe Zone is NOT Where You Want to Live

In prehistoric days, the human brain was focused on protection and staying alive. In present day, we don’t have the same threats but we do have the same fears. Our brains will cause us to stay in the same exact spot (no matter how good or bad) rather than change.

10:43 How to Use Pain and Pleasure Rather Than It Using Us

If we’re not conscious of it – pain will use us for short term pleasure and long term pain. 

  1. What is the current pain that you associate with taking action on creating a vision?
  2. What is it costing you emotionally 2-3 years from now if you don’t start taking action right now?
  3. What’s the long term benefit of actually taking action starting right now?

When you look at these next to each other – your reasons for staying safe start to look pretty crappy, and the long term pleasure looks pretty awesome!

Biography is NOT destiny, unless you keep reliving it. If you don’t give your brain something vivid to view in the future, it will be your past.

17:22 How to Use Your Imagination

Our brain needs a picture and something to hold onto because it doesn’t know the difference between reality and visions. If we can have that image and hold it in our brain, we naturally start to level up.

The biggest mistake that people make with a vision is that they base it on their current reality. When you know what you want and why you want it – the “how” will reveal itself.

There are three things you must do to extend your imagination:

  1. Suspend fear while dreaming (like a little kid!)
  2. Stop Over Complicating
  3. Change Your State as You’re Doing It

32:30 Three Levels of Mastering Anything

Whether it’s goal setting, vision, or anything in your life – there are 3 levels of mastering anything:

  1. Cognitive Mastery
  2. Emotional Mastery
  3. Physical Mastery

36:52 Your Definition of Success

You have to be so mindful of the tugs on your heart from other people. Maybe you don’t care much about earning more – but you want to give and serve more? Money then becomes more important. Don’t set goals just because somebody else did!

If you’re living a life of comparison to other people – you’ll start to think you need “that” to be successful.

42:28 Limiting Beliefs & Your Vision

If you have limiting beliefs going on behind the scenes, this will affect your ability to dream.

47:05 Reflect on 2020 and Create the Person You Want to Become

When you have clarity on your future – everything changes. Your motivation changes, your inspiration changes, and your day-to-day will change.

Get access to my FREE Vision Workshop Workbook! This will walk you through getting clarity around what you’re uncomfortable with, what you want to change, and how you want to spend your time. Spend time THIS week working through this.

57:04 Brad’s Final Nuggets

  1. The fastest way to shatter any limiting belief you have is to create a beautiful image of the future.
  2. For 2021 – stop focusing on breaking through the past and start focusing on creating the new. New vision, new goals!

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