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Master Your Morning Routine


In this episode, I am going to be sharing what my morning routine looks and feels like. Every week, I get questions about what my morning looks like, what I’m doing, and how I wake up so early – so I want to walk you through the process and how I implemented my routine!

Show Notes:

1:33 Why do I have a morning routine?

Early on as an entrepreneur, I had to create a morning routine to get the most necessary things done first. At first, JD and I had a priority of working out together, so that’s when we started waking up earlier.

Then, I read the book Miracle Morning and I started implementing the things I learned! I kept hearing over and over that people who have had success were mastering their morning – and I knew this was something that had to be important.

3:57 What has helped me stay motivated?

When I created clarity around my purpose and my vision is when I found motivation to stay consistent with my morning routine. Whenever my vision gets cloudy, I notice  I struggle to wake up. The cloudiness makes it easier to push snooze and STAY in bed, ignoring the fact that I told myself I would get up at a certain time.

When I’m clear on my vision and purpose, it is SO much easier to roll out of bed and start the day excited, energized, and ready to conquer the day!

5:45 What my morning looks like

Most of the time I wake up at 4:20am. It used to be 5:30, then 5, now 4:20! I wake up, put my workout clothes on, plug in my air pods (to listen to my affirmations), make my pre-workout drink, morning care, sit in front of my fireplace and do my gratitudes and pray. JD and I read scripture together, which is followed by 30 minutes of working out.

13:12 Our routine and non-negotiable essentials 

Because we created this consistency, no matter what happens, we always get back to our morning routine. Done is always better than perfect!

13:54 Affirmations & Vision

I use an app called Think Up. Every single morning, I’m listening to the person that I am, the impact that I’m making, the income that we’re creating, the feelings that I feel, and what my day looks like.  This is how you can literally rewire your brain…one day at a time.

I challenge you to brain dump everything you desire to have, to feel, to be, the differences you want to make, and the life you want to create – and craft them in the Think Up app.

21:17 Motherhood is Hard (One of the hardest!)

Finding those moments of sweetness amidst the chaos, friction, and fighting is an amazing way to start your day. Feeling rushed, behind, and pulled is not a way to live. It’s time to shift your morning so it sets the tone for how you DECIDE you want your day to look like.

24:10 I Challenge You to Create a Morning Routine

You don’t need to wake up at 4:30am, but if you desire something different for your life, you have to choose something different. In my experience, it starts with mastering your monring. It’s not easy to create a new habit, but it’s worth the quiet time to move your body, calm your soul and set the tone for your day ahead.

25:32 How You Shift Your Routine

If you want to master your morning, you must also master your evenings.  You’ve got to create a nighttime routine to set yourself up for a successful morning!

And that includes a bed time! Your body will naturally start to adjust if you stick with it! Find what works for you and stick with it.

28:17 My Simple Game Plan for Busy Moms

In this free e-course, I give you the simple steps to take each morning, so that you too can master your morning time.

Click here to download this free resource now.

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