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How to Gain Clarity Around Your Vision


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I will share with you exactly how to gain clarity on the vision for your life and take you through an actual vision workshop to help you craft your own! I’ll start by talking about the importance of creating your vision, then tell you the step-step process I have used for years to gain clarity around my vision AND make it my reality!

If you’re ready to put your limiting beliefs behind you and drive yourself to the next level – this episode is for you!

Show Notes: 

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3:14 You Can Be So Grateful And Want More!

The desires you have are on your heart for a reason. They are unique to you! When you get these little thoughts or ideas about the things that you want to achieve, those things are personal to you and they are important because they will help you keep showing up in life. 

Check out the Being Content Episode I mention in this section.

4:51 Start With Your Current Frustrations

These are things that you think about in your current life. What are the frustrations that come up? What are the things causing friction in your relationships? If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

It’s a lot easier to think about the things that make us unhappy than it is to think about the things we hope to happen. Perhaps it’s your daily work, finances, or health.

6:39 The Magic Wand Helps Us Gain Clarity

One of my favorite exercises is waving a magic wand that helps eliminate all obstacles. This helps us gain clarity on what we REALLY want in our life.

Wave the Magic Wand by asking yourself: If I had all of the time and money in the world, how would my typical day look?

What are you doing with your family, what does your morning look like, what time are you waking up? These are the things that you need to get crystal clear on. 

9:17 Brain Dump All Of The Desires On Your Heart

I want you to just allow your heart to GO there! What do you want more of in life? Maybe it’s a beach house, paying off your home, moving into a dream home, or maybe it’s a stronger relationship with your spouse. 

It can be any desire in your heart and be mindful of any negative thoughts or things that pass through your head – these are limiting beliefs!

16:30 Lump You Desires Together

The categories that I generally use that help me focus on the different areas of my life: 

  • My family/home and experiences
  • Marriage, your relationship, and motherhood
  • Your health and how you feel personally, mentally, and physically 
  • Business, career, impact, and purpose
  • Income, finances, future wealth, freedom, and security 
  • Your faith and your life calling (purpose)
  • Your sparks of joy

Create your list and start to identify which category they will fall into.

19:53 Write Your Story

This is where you craft it all together and write all the desires for your life in present tense story form. This is how you feel, how your day looks, the money you’re making, and the life you’re living.

You’re taking these statements and creating a story using words that are descriptive and trigger feelings of emotion.

This is a REALLY important step and one that you cannot skip, no matter how silly you feel doing it!

App Suggestion: Think Up

27:10 We Can All DO This!

This will allow you to gain clarity, which will allow you to show up every single day to reach your goals. It’s something that pulls you! When you have clarity around your vision and who you want to be, you will do the things because you will be driven.

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