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Honoring Your Emotions & Identifying Sparks of Joy


Honoring Your Emotions

In this episode, I talk about the reality of the ‘negative’ emotions we tend to run away from and how to handle them with grace and intentionality. Rather than letting your emotions control your behaviors, I break down the actionable steps she takes to get back in alignment and release tension. 

Show Notes: 

1:52 Honoring Your Emotions

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that you aren’t supposed to feel happy, excited and motivated 24/7. It’s easy to think we are failing if we feel upset or angry, but those are normal emotions!

We all will have days when you feel kind of funky. This life journey is really about getting clear on who we are as individuals and understanding what makes us tick. It is perfectly healthy to feel your emotions and allow yourself to feel sad, frustrated, and unmotivated. Just don’t let yourself stay there.

6:09 Being Mindful of When We Feel Good

It’s important to tune in to when we feel better and how you can craft your habits and days so that you can feel those moments as much as humanly possible. Set a goal to have more days of motivation and energy than days we are feeling down. 

So when you are feeling down, yes, you are allowed to feel that emotion. But staying there ends up impacting the people around you too. I used to deal with my emotions by taking it out on my kids and husband and they didn’t deserve any of that! 

9:13 What To Do When You Feel Frustrated

When you’re in situations that are out of your control:

  1. Let yourself be frustrated for a second (don’t push it away!)
  2. Do not let yourself stay there (breathe, meditate, and release)

Relaxation and Meditation on Beachbody OnDemand

11:01 When You’re In Alignment

When you are in alignment with a higher power (God, the Universe), you are able to operate so much smoother. 

Say a quick prayer asking how you can see the good and make the “crappy situation” better.. There is always good that we can focus on, and what we focus on expands!

14:53 How Can We Release Tension & Take Action?

Your homework is to identify your sparks of joy throughout the day. (They’re often times quite small!)

A Few Examples From My Life: 

  1. When I run a load of laundry and I hear the dryer start, I get this feeling of accomplishment and self worth as a homemaker.
  2. Scents! I correlate smells with memories. So if I’m ever feeling down, I’ll turn on a scentsy warmer and it instantly makes me feel better. 
  3. Little moments with my children (such sweet moments!)

When you feel those inklings of “this is where I’m supposed to be”, you have to pay attention to those things because you can align your actions to do more of those actions. 

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