Do Your Crap Podcast
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    Do You Feel Like You’re Failing As a Mom?


    Do Your Crap Podcast

    You are not failing as a mom!! In this episode, I talk about Mom guilt and looking past the “perfect picture” of motherhood and diving deeper into the raw aspects.

    Show Notes:

    02:10 Social Media Can Make You Feel Like you are failing as a Mom!

    03:41 Your “Why” and Purpose As a Mother

    13:49 Get Clear on Expectations

    15:40: Get Help and Don’t feel guilty about it

    17:40 Put the Focus on you

    19:50 Perspective on the Kids

    28:40 Get a Schedule


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    Hi, I’m Micah!

    I’m an LDS mom of 4 who decided 7ish years ago that I was not going to settle! So I took an opportunity to start my own business and create the life I REALLY wanted. Now, I help women like you do the same!!

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