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Discipline Creates Freedom


Do Your Crap Podcast

Discipline and freedom are two words you don’t normally put in the same sentence. At first glance, they appear to be polar opposites, but when we dive deeper we find that these two words actually work closely togetherand one is essential to create the other. Today, I will be diving into the idea that discipline creates freedom. 

You LOVE the idea of time and financial freedom because it feels FREE and EXHILARATING! But on the way to get there, it requires lots of discipline and sacrifice in your daily choices.

Show Notes: 

1:50 How I Got to Where I Am Today

I have been building a business online for 7.5 years! Before that, I was a photographer for 3.5 years. Before that – I didn’t want to work. I just wanted to be a mom.

Recently, the idea that discipline creates freedom has been on my mind. When you think “Freedom”, you might think of no restrictions, no rules, etc. But discipline has a different meaning to it. Discipline means structure, format, and habits.

It’s discipline in the things that move you towards who you want to become that creates everything that you want in life.

“Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb.” – Ann Packer

5:14 Discipline Creates Nutrition, Business, and Financial Freedom 

I’ve been in phases of my life where I haven’t experienced food freedom because I am in a season of weight loss after having a baby or getting a little lax on my nutrition. 

If you’re on a journey towards health there are going to be trade offs and times where you need to say “is this instant gratification worth giving up the long term satisfaction of reaching my goal?”

It’s the same thing with business. Early mornings…late nights…in-between the cracks…

9:25 Living On Vacation At All Times?

When I think of freedom, I think of ultimate choice. YOU get to choose how you spend your days. YOU get to choose how to spend your money. YOU get to choose how to give and when to donate. You don’t have to answer to anyone. 

It’s not just about the destination that you’re working towards. You have to find joy in the journey and fall in love with the process of becoming. The most practical way to change the way you are is to change the things that you do on a daily basis.

12:13 Get in Alignment With YOUR Goals 

There will always be seasons where you’re going to have to have trade offs.

Understand that through your journey towards working for everything that you want in your life, we have to be so mindful of the seasons and be willing to make those sacrifices. 

We can sacrifice the ‘good’ to get to GREAT. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Have a self evaluation and figure out what you want and the goals you’re working towards, and if your daily discipline is set up in a way that will lead you to achieving your goals.

16:13 The Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

When you’re up against two options – ask yourself 

Would a successful entrepreneur make this choice? Would a healthy person make this choice?

Am I willing to make this choice? And if you are – your daily routine must be in alignment.

    Hi, I’m Micah!

    I’m an LDS mom of 4 who decided 7ish years ago that I was not going to settle! So I took an opportunity to start my own business and create the life I REALLY wanted. Now, I help women like you do the same!!

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