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Creating a Vision for Your Life


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, my mission is to convince you that creating a clear vision for yourself, your business, and your family is critical to seeing massive shifts in your life. Instead of feeling selfish, I want to help you figure out how to tie purpose to your vision and start putting this into your daily routine.

Show Notes:

00:49 Getting Clear on Your Vision and Why

Getting clear on my vision has been such a positive driver in my life. It’s something that many don’t talk about or put into practice but when you do, you will see MASSIVE shifts in your life.

When you start to think about what you want, you might get feelings of selfishness and start to think “who am I to think about what I want when so many others don’t have what they need”. 

I GET THIS! And I felt like this for a long time. Part of knowing about what you want is knowing how you can use them for good (time, money, and resources).

4:00 After I Hit New Milestones in My Business

Once we started hitting our income goals, I stopped caring about my income goals as much and I got stuck in a feeling of selfishness for wanting more. I then started realizing that I want my TEAM to experience the same things that I’ve achieved as well. In order for me to show up for them, naturally that would mean that our income would grow.

By setting a bigger income goal for my team, it allowed me to tie purpose to my personal income goals because my coaches would be succeeding along the way.

6:19 We Are Here on Earth to Have Joy

The desires of our heart are there for a reason. Identifying when we feel most joyful is part of your purpose. You shouldn’t feel guilty about doing more of the things that bring you joy!

You’re either growing or you’re dying!

10:30 If You’re Struggling with Feeling Selfish

Self-reflect, dig-in, and get to know your heart and what you want! It’s really common to push these things off because we feel a sense of selfishness. If you’re always last on the list, you are going to be left empty and that is not a good feeling.

11:23 Put This in Practice (Get a Notebook)

I want you to list out all of the things you want and do not judge your thoughts or question yourself. Once written out, break them down by section and put them into paragraphs. When you’re writing it out, you want to use descriptive words, feelings attached, and what it feels like to be living the life of your dreams. The more descriptive you are, the more emotionally connected you will get.

Hearing your own voice in your head every single morning is POWERFUL!

16:35 You Can’t Do It Once and Stop

Listen to your vision every single day! The more you can listen, the more it will ingrain into your soul and being.

If you hate your voice so much that you can’t listen, have your wife or kids record it for you!

19:35 Put This Into Action

I have seen this transform my life. If you don’t know where to begin, just start with the brain dump!

App Recommendation: ThinkUp

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    I’m an LDS mom of 4 who decided 7ish years ago that I was not going to settle! So I took an opportunity to start my own business and create the life I REALLY wanted. Now, I help women like you do the same!!

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