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How to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs with Mindset Strategist Brad Bizjack


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In this episode, I interview mindset coach & strategist Brad Bizjack to talk about identifying, changing, and breaking through your limiting beliefs. Brad breaks down the sources of your beliefs, why fear and doubt stop people from taking their lives to the next level, and how to envision your future.

Show Notes: 

I’m bringing on one of my favorite mindset coaches and I’m stoked for you guys to hear from him today! Brad is the mindset strategist I invested in for my entire team to work with in January because although I can give my team the skill set and systems, I knew if I could also help transform their limiting beliefs, everything would transform alongside those breakthroughs. 

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2:29 An Introduction to Brad & Limiting Beliefs

Brad is a mindset strategist, coach, speaker, Certified High Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard, husband, and brand new dad.

Q: What is a belief? A feeling of certainty about what something means. If you believe something over and over again, it becomes a habit (like brushing your teeth). Most people don’t take time to question their beliefs.

Beliefs are the gateway to everything you want, or the thing that will hold you back most.

Q: What is self awareness? It’s when you know what you want and what’s holding you back.

7:59 How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

A global belief is a belief about something in general – “life is…”, “business is…”, “men are…”

If you want a passionate marriage but believe that men are bad – you will find a way to get in your own way to make your limiting belief come true. If you want to go to the next level, you have to have enough awareness to question yourself.

A micro belief is an if-then statement. “If I succeed in business, my kids won’t love me…”, “If I want a lot of money, I have to be a bad person…”.

Take a look at the areas of your life where you aren’t happy and ask yourself WHY you don’t have that. What you write down will identify what you believe about your capabilities of getting there. Then, ask yourself what you would have to believe in order for that belief to be TRUE.

17:16 Why Do People NOT Change Their Beliefs?

Because even if life isn’t the way we want it to be – it feels safe to stay in alignment with what we already know. The more you crave certainty – the more you limit the world around you.

Great leaders do NOT need certainty outside of themselves to bring action. Great leaders BRING certainty to uncertain situations. That’s what leaders do!”

There are two ways to break through the fear of the unknown:

  1. Identify what you want (visualization)
  2. Link consequence to these beliefs

26:50 How to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs

Option #1: Pain. Humans do so much more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure! However, we can use pain to see how these beliefs are hurting us and the consequences of them. Ask yourself what the worst case scenario will be if you do not change. Once you link pain to your belief – you’ll change.

The voice that you have behind closed doors will be the voice in your child’s head when they’re older. And the greatest legacy we can ever leave is found in the mindset of our children.”

Option #2: Create Doubt. Ask yourself if what you believe is actually true and find other examples that prove the opposite. 

The past only becomes the future if you live there.

43:18 How to Play at a New Level

If you play tennis (or any sport) with people that aren’t good at tennis – you won’t level up! 

If you ever want to thrive, you need a vision – but not a vision based on the past. If you make decisions and set dreams based on your current reality, you will only create more of the same. We don’t want to use existing circumstances to limit future gains. We want to focus on “what could be?”

Big dreams that make you think like a little kid increase your energy.

52:40 How to Create Your Vision

To create a vision, drop from your head to your heart and connect with who you really are. To connect with your heart, learn how to practice genuine appreciate and gratitude.

1:00:25 What Belief is Stopping You From Starting?

You need to be in tune with the tugs on your heart on your desires and wants. There is always more joy, impact, and happiness – so never look back on the things you’ve been through with disgust or guilt. You can learn and grow from it.

Pain is guaranteed. Suffering is optional.

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limiting beliefs
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